GMC, associated hospitals take pre-emptive measures

Shafaq Shah

Srinagar: Devastated during last year’s floods, Government Medical College (GMC) and its associated hospitals are taking no chances this time around.
Apart from shifting vital machinery from the ground floor, portable gensets, oxygen cylinders and boats have also been arranged.
“We have learnt a lesson from last year’s floods. We won’t take any chances this time,” said GMC Principal, Rafique Pampori.
Papori has ordered shifting of all machinery from ground floor to the first floor of the hospital. The order urges all doctors to refrain from routine surgeries for the time being. The hospital has been readied to address the emergency cases. “Whatever is in our limits we have done it. Rest we can’t fight nature,” Pampori said.
Rafique said the heavy generators have been replaced with smaller ones which can be easily shifted in case of floods. “This time there will be no problems related to electricity,” he assured.
The hospital he said has sought oxygen cylinders in case the oxygen plant on the ground floor does not work.
The doctors have been told to remain prepared and all examinations for undergraduate classes have been postponed till April 4 to ensure efficient patient care.
The hospital, according to the Principal has been discharging patients who are fit enough to go home. “The patients who need treatment will be shifted to top floor, when need arises,” he said adding “we don’t want to panic patients unnecessarily”.
However, the Principal’s assurances and the arrangements made by him have not impressed he patients. “After having witnessed the failure of the machinery here during September floods, we can’t trust the arrangements. It is better to sit home” said Aslam, a patient.
The Medical Superintendent of Lal Ded and G.B Pant hospitals, Mushtaq Farooq said, they were well- prepared to tackle the situation.
“We have shifted our patients to top floor. Drugs, E.C.G, x-ray and ultrasound machinery are also been shifted to first floor. We have also arranged a boat,” he said.