Kashmir witnessing steady decline in TB cases

Shafaq Shah

Srinagar: The health department authorities have said that a ‘considerable’ decrease in the number of patients detected with Tuberculosis in Kashmir last year suggests that the disease was witnessing a steady decline.
Statistics show that 3829 TB cases were detected in 2014 across Kashmir as compared to 4362 cases detected in 2013.
“There is a steady decline in TB cases detected here. 5000 TB cases were on average every year, however, the graph is showing a steady dip now,” an official of Health department told Kashmir Reader.
Experts say that comparatively the prevalence rate of TB cases in Kashmir is lower than the cases detected at other places in India.
“Kashmir will definitely meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) target of 50 per cent reduction in prevalence of TB by 2015,” state TB officer G.M Chuloo said
However, he said, that lack of awareness about the treatment of TB was one of the major bottlenecks in complete irradiation of the disease. “It is sad that TB patients are left to live a life in isolation. There are cases that the TB patients are asked to sit at home.”
“People must know and understand that TB is a curable disease if DOT (Directly Observed Treatment) course is acted upon properly.”
He said that there was lack of awareness among people. “People don’t come up for diagnosis. Now TB is not restricted to lungs only, it affects every part of the body.”
“TB can be a cause of infertility. Though, we rarely see such cases here. The reason for that can be that people don’t come up for proper diagnosis and treatment.”