India mishandled, misunderstood Kashmir: Jha

Srinagar: Indian author and  columnist Prem Shankar Jha, who has written extensively on Kashmir and has been rallying for a PDP-led government in the state, Saturday said India “mishandled and misunderstood Kashmir” due to its post- partition experiences.
Speaking at a literary festival here , Jha also said that Pakistan wanted good relations with India because “they have to counter internal problems.”
“Pakistan won’t be comfortable without the Hurriyat. However, it is not the only party that should be included in dialogue,” he  said.
Consistent with the statist stand on Kashmir, Jha said Kashmir “is a jewel in crown of India”.
“Not just because it lies above India’s map but also because we value it,” he said.
Jha said division between Kashmir and Jammu was more evident than ever before and Kashmir cannot be saffronised by any means.