Red tape multiplies problems for JKIMS

Moazum Mohammad

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Institute of Mathematical Sciences (JKIMS) is an example of how state governments set out to establish something they are not fully equipped to accomplish in the first place.
The JKIMS, which was supposed to carry out research in mathematical physics, mathematical engineering and mathematical economics, was set up in a building in Amar Singh College campus in 2013. Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah inaugurated it.
But the approval from the planning department, which will qualify it for government finances, is yet to come. So the institute can’t hire a new faculty or take in students. Currently, it is headed by a director and three teachers and two clerks have been loaned to it by the higher education department.
The file seeking the approval is being tossed between higher education, finance and planning departments, said an official of the higher education department, wishing anonymity.
The government had granted the JKIMS Rs 1 crore initially but it did not sign a memorandum of association that would have given it the status of a society and qualified it for funds, the official said, while questioning the logic behind paying salaries to the faculty and staff in its current condition.
Director JKIMS Wali Mohammad Shah said the education minister is scheduled to meet them in Srinagar to discuss the issues concerning the institute.
“We have necessary infrastructure available to start class work for undergraduate and research programs, but the only requirement is government approval. We will start class work once we receive approval from the government,” Shah told Kashmir Reader.
Shah said the government has identified 400 kanals of land at Khimber in the outskirts of the Srinagar for the institute. He said the National Board for Higher Education is willing to provide a grant of Rs 5 lakh to the institute for student and faculty exchange programme.