Going to the market


Market has been described as the worst place to idly away time. A Muslim has been directed to perform several obligations while in the market. A Muslim should not go to the market just for the sake of it. After making purchases one must try to go back as soon as possible. As they say market is the abode of Satan one must try to get out of the detested place.
Notwithstanding Prophet’s (SAW) disliking for the market, he used to visit the market every day after Zuhr prayers. (Uswai Rasool-e-Akram (SAW)).
But what did the most revered Prophet (SAW) do in the market? He never sat on the road to keep an eye on the people. He never polluted the roads and streets by throwing leftovers. He never urinated in the market. He would greet people, receive them warmly, help them out and enquire about their welfare.
“There is no good in the roads except for one who guides people on their way, returns salutations, keeps down his eyes and helps in loading animals,” narrated by Abu Huraira (RA) and reported by Mishkaat.
And above all, the most revered Prophet (SAW) would look into the dealings of the shopkeepers. He would ensure that everybody received a fair deal. He would also examine the merchandise to find out its quality. He would also examine the measuring and weighing instruments of the shopkeepers.
Narrated by Ibn Abbas (RA) and reported by Al Tirmidhi, Prophet (SAW) said, “In your hands are two things that have led previous nations to annihilation” (Due to less weighing and measuring. Guard yourself against these.)
 The most revered Prophet (SAW) would ensure that the shopkeepers do not suppress the defects of the items they sell. He would ensure that the shopkeepers speak the truth to the buyers and provide all the necessary information to them. He would also ensure that the buyer does not withhold payment except with the consent of the seller.
“The best profession is of these tradesmen who speak truth, do not misappropriate things placed in their trust, fulfil their promises when they make them; do not cry up the wares which they sell; do not defer the payment of price when they buy anything and are not harsh with their debtors.” (Baihaqi)
He would see to it that the seller refrains from false swearing. This unfortunately is very common among the contemporary Muslims. They better learn and mend their ways before it is too late. The most revered Prophet (SAW) disliked the hoarders. He would take a round of the market to ensure that nobody hoards goods. He would tell the shopkeepers to put to sale whatever they had with them. This he did to prevent black marketing and profiteering. A person who hoards goods with the intention of earning a fortune is cursed by Allah.
“He who brings goods for sale is blessed with good fortune but he who keeps them till the price rises is cursed,” narrated by Hazrat Umer (RA) and reported by Ibn Majah, Al Mishkaat.