Srinagar Dental College sans operation theatre

Srinagar Dental College sans operation theatre

Shafaq Shah

Srinagar: The government-run dental college here is functioning without an operation theatre and also lacks other basic facilities.
Work on the operation theatre is going on since 2010 and due to absence of the facility, the College authorities have to refer most of the patients to the nearby SMHS Hospital for surgeries.
The senior dentists at the college, however, said that the SMHS Hospital authorities allow dental surgeries only on Saturdays “which is not enough owing to the huge rush of patients who have to undergo surgeries.”
“The patients have to wait for months together for a simple surgery,” a senior dentist told Kashmir Reader.
“With the kind of rush witnessed by the Dental College every day, we need at least three days a week to conduct the surgeries at the SMHS Hospital. We must have our own operation theatre,” the dentist said.
The dentist said that with the increase in road accidents, the college has witnessed a surge in patients particularly with those having jaw injuries.
“In 2008 and 2010 agitations in the Valley, patients with gunshot injuries and broken jaws were admitted here but we couldn’t treat them as we had no operation theatre and had to operate them at the SMHS Hospital,” the dentists said.
The absence of an operation theatre is also affecting the studies of the students pursuing various graduate and post graduate level courses at the college.
“There is no operation theatre for us to perform practicals necessary for our course. The other facilities too are very poor,” a group of PG students said. ““If the college doesn’t have funds, they should not have started the PG course.”
They said they had to spend money from their pockets to buy equipments like the articulators. “Last year we pooled money and bought an articulator, which is used for making dentures. This is important for our course,” said a student.
A senior dentist said the college doesn’t have an OPG machine (Ortho phos x G5 Ds cep)-a used for the x-ray of lower and upper jaw.
“The machine got destroyed in floods, and no attempt was made to buy a new one. Absence of this machine means that poor patients have to pay Rs 600-700 to get the X-ray done at private clinics,” the officials said.
He said that since the infamous drug scam that surfaced few years ago, the authorities were scared of purchasing new equipment for the college.
Pertinently, during its recent visit to the college, the Dental Council of India also pointed to inadequate or lack of dental chairs, articulators, Implant Section, OPG and many other deficiencies at the dental hospital.
When contacted, principal of the college Dr Riyaz Farooq said that work on the operation theatre was halted due to the floods in September last year. “The work was resumed recently, and in couple of weeks the operation theatre will be functional,” he told Kashmir Reader.

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