Media propagating wrong info about K-issue: Qasim Faktoo

Srinagar: Muslim Deeni Mahaz chairman Dr. Qasim Faktoo Friday slammed new Delhi-based media organization for allegedly propagating wrong information about the Kashmir issue.
In a statement, the incarcerated pro-freedom leader said that the Indian media works on the dictations of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).
“It is feeding more than one billion population of India with a false propaganda about Kashmir and the resistance movement,” he said.
He alleged that the media was consciously presenting Kashmir as an issue of national importance to the Indians. “It is also hoodwinking the opinion of Indian masses about the pro freedom leadership of Jammu Kashmir by presenting the pro-freedom leadership as people who want to secede some legal part of India, which is far from truth.”
“All the Indian political parties, bureaucracy and even the courts are working under the influence of this propagandist media. On the other hand the intelligence agencies are misleading the Indian Politicians about the ground situation in Kashmir by presenting this issue as something relating to Jobs and economy.
He claimed that media and Intelligence agencies were working in tandem against Kashmir and Pakistan.
“By boycotting the pro-freedom leadership, the Indian media is not allowing them to put the right facts before the Indian population. Therefore the pro-freedom leadership should look for alternative methods to reach out to them.”