Issued instructions for electronic metres in auto-rickshaws: Minister

SRINAGAR: The government has issued instructions for having Electronic Fare Meters installed in auto-rickshaws in the state.
“Motor Vehicles Department has already issued instructions regarding installation of functional Electronic Fare Meters in respect of auto-rickshaws,” Minister for Transport Abdul Ghani Kohli said in his reply to a question in Legislative Council Friday.
He said the department has authorized Radio Taxi Service for operation within the Municipal limits of district Srinagar.
“These vehicles do posses company-fitted Electronic Fare Meters and operation of this service has proved public friendly. Similarly, measures are being taken in district Jammu for the convenience of general public,” he added.
The authorities in every district, he said, have been asked “not to issue fitness certificate” to any auto-rickshaw that is not fitted with Electronic Fare Metre.
The Metres should be functional and sealed, and calibrated by the authorities.