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Srinagar: The Board of School Education (BOSE) is giving tough time to students appearing in the ongoing higher secondary school examination in the Valley with out-of-syllabus, difficult and lengthy question papers.
Since the beginning of the examination on March 2, students from either science and commerce stream had to face as many as 5 out-of-syllabus papers including chemistry, physics, economics, mathematics and information technology. On Wednesday, Z series of mathematics paper was not only tough but the aggrieved students said 3 questions were grossly flawed, which consumed students time.
“Earlier, students would complain about the out-of syllabus or complicated papers once in a blue moon. But my daughter faced issues in chemistry, physics and mathematics. It’s not only her but every student is facing such difficulty,” said an aggrieved parent Javed Ahmad.
According to an official in the BOSE, which is headless as reported by Kashmir Reader earlier, although the issue of out-of-syllabus question papers isn’t new the magnitude of complaints has gone up this session.
“The series system was adopted with a sincere effort to plug any leakage that would happen in past. It was a replica of CBSE pattern. But the BOSE was rendered headless and currently chairman and secretary posts are run by a single junior ranking officer.
“BOSE can’t do justice with the students as it’s itself stuck in mess. Majority of the officials have been assigned multiple posts though without any core competence about the subjects. So these issues are bound to happen because subject experts weren’t consulted on time,” the source said.
For instance, joint secretary examination, which overlooks the examination been assigned to an official who was deputed by the government to BOSE without any designation. The officer doesn’t hold the required criteria to fill the post.
The source said BOSE has constituted two committees against the backdrop of the students’ complaints with a mandate to compensate the students in case the complaints are found genuine.
Interim secretary Veena Pandita refuted allegations that the papers were out of syllabus saying “she hasn’t received any complaint about the issue”.
Asked why two committees were constituted by the BOSE then, Pandita said “Yes, one question was wrong in yesterday’s paper (mathematics). The committee comprises subject experts who would look into the complaints if any and accordingly the students will be compensated.”

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