Docs condemn colleague’s ‘harassment’ by minister

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Society of Dental Surgeons (SDSJK) on Sunday condemned the alleged harassment of a lady doctor by the Health Minister Choudhary Lal Singh recently.
In a statement, JKSDS spokesman said that an emergency meeting was called in this regard wherein the participants extended support to the lady doctor.
The spokesman said that meeting was chaired by JKSDS president Dr Imtiyaz Banday.
He said that the members strongly condemned the “unethical approach of the minister towards doctors.”
The spokesman added that the participants stressed that no constitution or any rule gives the privilege to a minister or any higher authority to “humiliate or disrespect his subordinates for unwarranted issues.”
He said that Dr Banday also spoke to the victim doctor and extended support and solidarity with her.