Defer The Dawn Of Freedom?

Buchies know the art of taming their moms. In fact, buchies learn this from the moms themselves as they grow. Sheru can cite hundreds of examples to prove his point. This story of a buchi and her mom should suffice:

To show her crorepati sister that she was not as shikaslad as she believed, mom sent daughter to Aligarh for a good education. The buchi spent some years in Aligarh, and later sought admission in a Delhi college for graduation.

Father tried his best to bring buchi back, but buchi delayed it on one pretext or the other. Mom fully supported her. One day, they discussed the problem with Sheru, who gave it serious thought, and arrived at his own conclusions.


“The buchi has fallen in laive with a Delhi boy,” he declared. “The mom knows it and supports her daughter. She will not come back.”

Nobody believed Sheru.

 A year later, the buchi gave her brother-in-law a late night call. She wanted to know where he stood. Satisfied that no one else in the family would stand in her way, she rang up her father, and told him the story of her laive.

He should not have been surprised. Had Sheru not warned him in advance?

Now that the cat was out of the bag so far as the father was concerned, mom was emboldened to try and persuade him to agree to the match.  He did, but not without great difficulty.

The buchi felt on top of the world, as did her Hindustani boyfriend.

Sheru was not interested, but burst into laughter when her father narrated the story:

“I told her that Kashmir would gain independence shortly. After independence, the newly-emerged state of Jammu and Kashmir would not have good relations with New Delhi, and that  she would not be able to come to Kashmir for quite some time.”

The buchi had gone mohabbat mein andhi and bahri . She would not listen to her father. But mom, an `accomplice’ in the crime, was terrified.

“I cannot see my daughter if Jammu and Kashmir gets independence,” she said, pouring her heart out to Sheru.

She asked Sheru to defer the dawn of independence for some time.

But how could Sheru do that.

“Do not worry,” Sheru assured. “I will exercise my influence and get your daughter a visa.” She was delighted.

Sheru pondered and pondered.

People offer huge sacrifices for independence, and this selfish mom wanted to delay it for her khini nus daughter.

The buchi got married, and has now shifted to the Gulf. She has to look after two children. The realities of life have dawned on her. laive main woh maza nahi raha.

She talks to her mom regularly, who gives her valuable tips on topics ranging from cooking beans to taming husband. She acknowledges this by asking relatives, who visit her from time to time, to sing her mother Bollywood songs.

Recently, buchi’s sister returned after spending a month with her. The buchi had sent her mother a Kashmiri song – Wafadaar Mouji.

Mom wept. This time her tears were real.