Make doctor’s negligence unpardonable offence

Dear Editor
The space and coverage given to the deaths of two pregnant ladies shows that the editorial team of Kashmir Reader has a humane heart. By making it lead news, Reader has shown that having heart at the right place is more important. Otherwise such stories in our Valley often get buried in inside pages or in single columns.
Death of two pregnant ladies in the space of three days at district hospital Pulwama due to the negligence of doctors is no longer a shocking incident, considering the merit of our doctors. Doctors of our Valley think themselves as belonging to a different planet. They take themselves as a cream of our society but fail to perform. This attitude of donning white apron and being seen as elite has ruined them as well as the society. Our health care system is in ruins because our doctors do not have the requisite acumen. They have this misconception about themselves that they are the best in the world. They do not know how to talk with patients. Their body language is never friendly. If one compares doctors of Kashmir with Indian doctors, most of our medics will fail miserably. Still they have exaggerated notions about their skills.
Being myself a journalist, I have reported and seen several cases of negligence that has resulted in deaths.  Unfortunately in Kashmir, most of such cases are put on the will of Allah. Doctor kills but our gullible people put it as Allah’s will. This fatalistic attitude of our people has mostly saved doctors. Otherwise if a case is filled against doctors for such negligent deaths, I am sure, many lives will be saved. By putting two doctors under suspension is no deterrent to stop such kind of brutal deaths. Both the doctors will be exonerated, as professional empathy will take over.  Such cases will continue to happen unless stringent punishment is given to doctors. Mere suspension is not going to solve this grave issue doctors must be punished for this blunder. Doctor’s negligence often results in deaths and as such should be made unpardonable offence.
Criminal cases should be filed against both the doctors and hospital administration for this negligence. As long as hospital administration and people continue to tolerate such doctors’ our health caretakers will continue to murder us.
Pervez Majeed