Delina residents demand potable water

Srinagar: Residents of Delina area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district Wednesday complained of receiving murky water from their taps.
The residents said that the filtration plant in the area has gone defunct due to its never ending repairs and lack of a power generator.
They said that the situation has left population of around 50,000 without the supply of safe drinking water. “On one hand the government asks us to be careful of water borne infections and the latest swine flu epidemic but the on the other hand the same government supplies us the dirty water,” said Javid Ahmad, a resident. “They are supplying us water directly from Jhelum River which is very dangerous.”
The people said that the filtration plant has been literally shut down for the want of repairs during the last two months. “It supplies water intermittently that too when there is electricity,” said Javid. “The filtration plant has no separate generator and if there is no power, entire population would have to go thirsty or scour other dirty sources of water.”
“The filtration plant presents a glaring example of lack of coordination between Public Health Engineering and Power Development Department,” the residents alleged.
“On one hand PDD is not able to provide a separate 24 power transmission line for the filtration plant and on the other hand PHE is unable to get a genset to provide uninterrupted water supply to the people,” said Iqbal Ahmad, another resident.
“In 24 hours we get hardly one hour water supply and this has been the situation since 1947. During floods there was no water for one month and PHE was also unable to send water tankers to us.”
The residents appealed the government to resolve the issue for once and all. “We want a permanent solution to this perennial problem. There was a proposal to build a water supply scheme at Aelpather Gulmarg, which could have provided clean water to us, but the proposal was scuttled due to unknown reasons,” said Iqbal.
The residents appealed the PHE minister, local MLA and MP to personally intervene into the matter.