PSUF demands probe into delay in mass promotion

PSUF demands probe into delay in mass promotion

Iqbal Kirmani

Srinagar: Private Schools United Front (PSUF) Tuesday demanded a probe into the delay in granting mass promotion to the students of class I to XI.
Addressing a press conference here, PSUF president G N Var said that the decision to grant mass promotion to the students was taken too late. “The decision can be termed as too little and too late. It is a classic example of how our governments first torture and then give relief,” he said.
He was flanked by Coordination Committee of Private School Associations (CCPSA) president Mushtaq Ahmad and president of the faction of Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) Showkat Choudhary.
Var said that the decision to grant mass promotion to the students was taken “agonizingly late. “ It was taken six months late. During this period students developed psychological problems due to uncertainty over examination,” he said.
Var said that the experts from private schools had proposed mass promotion earlier. “We announced the same on October 26, 2014, but the government rejected it then without even discussing. They even raided and harassed our schools. And now as they announced the mass promotion, our stand is vindicated,” Var said.
Demanding an impartial inquiry into the matter, he said that an FIR should be lodged against those who sabotaged mass promotion in October last year.
“Students who lost books of 2014 session in the floods had to buy the same books again. Now as they are given mass promotion, they have to again buy books for the 2015 session. Who is going to compensate those poor children and their parents?,” asked Var.
Var pitched for introduction of March session in the educational curriculum with the Valley.
“Unfortunately there is a lobby of government babus who oppose the March session as they want to leave the cold weather conditions here as early as possible. Why is education sector being run on the whims of ministers and bureaucrats, who consider it just like other department,” he alleged.
He claimed that the March session would benefit students of the valley. “It will give them more time to prepare for state as well as national level professional exams. It can also eliminate the need for coaching and will save a lot of money.”

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