Hope Disability Centre celebrates Women’s Day

Srinagar: Hope Disability Centre and Handicap International celebrated the International Women’s Day at Raj Bagh here.
In a statement, a spokesperson said that the event was organized in collaboration with Human Rights Law Network here on Sunday and was aimed to celebrate the womanhood laying emphasis on the inclusion of the women with disabilities in the society, to eliminate the social invisibility women with disabilities face in their day to day lives, to create an awareness among them about their rights and entitlements and to facilitate the bridge between them and the society.
The spokesperson said that large number of women including women with disabilities participated in this event where they were given a platform to come out and share their issues and experiences with other people of the society.
Experts present at the occasion were,Executive Director-Hope Disability Centre, Sami Wani,State Project Manager-Handicap International, Mehran Khan,State Coordinator- HRLN, Jammu & Kashmir, Syed Faisal Qadri, Development Officer-Women Development Corporation, Tahir Wani.
Communication and Development Officer-Asima Ali said that women with disabilities face double discrimination and their inclusion in the society is a must and should be provided equal opportunities.
Executive Director-Hope Disability Centre, Sami Wani, said that lot of work needs to be done for the upliftment and development of women with disabilities. He also mentioned about the tremendous work done by the Women Development Corporation for bettering the lives of women while focusing more on the upliftment of women with disabilities.
Meanwhile, Project Manager-Handicap international, Mehran Khan, in his speech focused more on abolishing the sex discrimination practices from the society.
He also spoke about the domestic violence being faced by the women in their day to day lives and the necessary measures required to be takento curb this menace. Adding to this, Mehran said that “it is highly deplorable to see the relegance of the existence of women with disabilities in our society to a low status. They are as important and equal as any other person living in our society”.
As per the Development Officer-Women Development Corporation, Tahir Wani, “there are various social and government schemes available for the women with disabilities and creating an awareness regarding the same is needed so that everyone is equally benefited. He also focused on the women empowerment at all the levels i.e. National, State and Community/Societal levels.
Tabasum, Lawyer from HRLN presented a session on Rights of People with Disabilities and legalities, she mentioned about the different provisions in the state Act for people with Disabilities.
Many women with disabilities present in the event spoke about the experiences and day to day difficulties they face in their routine life, some of them appreciated the work of Handicap International along with its partner Hope Disability Centre in highlighting rights of people with disabilities in different forums and providing excellent services in far flung areas of Jammu and Kashmir, the spokesperson said.