Passports for maximum number of Hajj aspirants: PO

SRINAGAR: A spokesman of Passport Office (PO) Srinagar Fri¬day said that the office has made all possible efforts to process the passports of maximum number of Hajj aspirants for this year.
In statement, a PO spokesman said that receipt of around 25000 Passports by State Hajj Committee from Kashmir Zone Hajj 2015 aspirants was a testi¬mony to the efforts of the PO.
“Around 13000 num¬ber of Passport appli¬cations (approx. 320 per day) were processed this year besides 9500 (ap¬prox. 230 per day) Pass¬port services rendered. These were mostly Hajj aspirants .This is in con¬tinuation to issuance of around 1,77,000 Passport Services since 2012.The performance post floods assumes significance in view of damages to this office in floods,” the state¬ment said.
The statement said that under the special waiver of fee to those damaged passports in floods, dupli¬cate passports were issued free of cost to all those who approached the office.
“Even good number of applicants, not cleared earlier, was recommend¬ed for passport services particularly for Hajj pil-grimage. Also the pass¬port holders not able to avail passports for Hajj pilgrimage were facilitat¬ed with extended validly in consonance with re¬quirements of Hajj Com¬mittee.”
The statement said that continuing with endeav¬ors to ease out processing, the major issue of furnish¬ing of residential proof pa-pers was ameliorated.
“Ministry has allowed accepting of photo passbooks of private banks like J&K Bank, J&K Grameen Bank, Elaaqai Dehati Bank etc. also. The other measures taken include
students having de¬posited original docu¬ments in institutions can submit photocop¬ies after fulfilling the requisite formalities men-tioned in concerned advi¬sory/circular.”
“Online per day ap¬pointment quota in¬creased to 420 and appli¬cants are advised to avail the facility for hassle-free processing of their appli¬cations instead of visiting Passport Office without proper appointments.”