Wake Up

A news report about abortions reflects the rot society finds itself in. Remedial measures (if any) revolve around the dress a woman should wear.  The report has sounded alarm bells. If, on an average, two young and unmarried girls turn up in hospital every week because of severe complications stemming from self-induced abortion, society has to wake up before it is too late.  Parents have to keep watch on their wards, especially daughters. If they display a costly cell phone, the parents must ask how they got it. Similarly, if they walk in with a costly gift, an explanation must be sought.  Parents must pay occasional visits to educational institutions and enquire about the conduct of their wards.  Un-authorised absence from class or tuition centres must be taken note of.

Some quarters have blamed Indian secret agencies for promoting nudity, promiscuity and waywardness in Kashmir for a purpose.  Without contesting the veracity of such claims, it needs to be made clear that upbringing plays a vital role in character-building.  If children are left on their own, they will do what no parent would approve of. Freedom is good, but unlimited freedom is an evil. In the name of modernity, parents cannot, rather should not forget their responsibilities. No agency can succeed in polluting the minds of children unless parents wittingly or unwittingly allow it.

So-called modern parents teach their children how to dance to vulgar tunes. It has become a fashion now, and most parents feel proud when their wards shake  legs and other parts of their body. And when children grow up, they see nothing wrong in such dancing. It encourages licentiousness and promiscuity. The irony is that parents watch their grown-up daughters dance before total strangers in marriage parties and other occasions. It has to be borne in mind that absolute freedom has taken a ninth class pregnant girl to a hospital for delivery.  This reflects that society has crossed all limits. This should not happen in a Muslim society.  All have to wake up to fight the menace. According to a hadith (Al Bukhari), the head of the family is its guardian, and, on the Day of Judgement, will be questioned about the conduct of his charge.