Coaching centres resume class work

Srinagar: The Coaching Centres Association (CCA) of Kashmir Wednesday said that the organization has decided to resume normal class work after a brief closure due to swine flu scare.
In a statement, CCA chairman said that the regular work will be resumed under stringent safety guidelines recommended by the Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK).
“The association was forced to close down all its centres across the Valley after the surge in swine flu cases. Though the situation is still not normal, we have decided to resume our work under strict safety guidelines,” he said.
“We approached Doctors Association of Kashmir and they helped us devise the advisory and safety precautions that would help us to function normally.”
“Various examinations are approaching and we have to prepare the students for entrance tests too so we can’t put the career of the students in jeopardy ,” he said.
“So in the interest of all we have decided to resume our normal work under safe conditions.”
Var said that the management of coaching centres would also keep an eye on the health of every students and take suitable actions if they suspect any person suffering from any symptoms.