Srinagar: The family of Mohammad Afzal Guru Tuesday asked pro-India parties to move beyond “rhetorical statements” and show sincerity in bringing back Guru’s mortal remains.
People’s Democratic Party(PDP) had Monday demanded that the mortal remains of Guru be returned to his family, a day after assuming power in the state in alliance with BJP.
Eight PDP MLAs had issued a statement, saying the party “promises to follow vigorously” the issue of return of the mortal remains of Guru, who was hanged on February 9, 2013 inside Tihar Jail.
“PDP stands by its demand for return of his (Guru’s) mortal remains, and the party promises to follow vigorously for the return of the mortal remains,” the PDP had said.
Guru’s brother, Ejaz, told Kashmir Reader that if pro-India parties want to “lessen the burden of Afzal’s unjust hanging pricking their conscience, they must show sincerity in bringing back his mortal remains.”
“ If they are serious, we are ready to offer our support to them,” he said.
Ejaz said that his brother was made a scapegoat by the Indian parties for political benefits and was denied a free and fair trial by the Indian justice system. Though nothing can compensate the loss of Afzal, Ejaz said, the return of mortal remains of his brother might bring some solace to the family.
However, Ejaz expressed gratitude to the independent legislator Engineer Rashid, who brought a resolution in the state assembly in 2011 seeking clemency for Guru. He said that the Awami Itihaad Party president stood with the family in tough times.
“At least, he made an effort. If Mufti Sayed and his party leaders are sincere too, we welcome their statement,” he said.
Afzal’s widow Tabassum Guru said that her family will support any person or political party that helps them to bring home the mortal remains of her husband. However, the family, she said won’t support the politicization of a “humanitarian issue.”
“Our nation has let us down. Whether pro-India or resistance groups, everyone left us alone in the hour of need. We don’t want more politics to be done by pro-India leaders over Afzal’s mortal remains. If they are serious, if their intentions are sincere, then they must turn their words into action,” she said.
“Over these years, no one could even get the belongings of from Tihar, not to talk of his mortal remains,” she added.
However, Tabassum said that she was hopeful that a day will come when her husband’s body will be brought back and buried in Kashmir. “Till I am alive, I will fight to bring back the mortal remains of my husband. I won’t give up,” she said.