Geelani slams ‘ill-informed maulvis,’ says Shias important part of Ummah

SRINAGAR: Expressing shock and grief over the killing of 50 people in a bomb blast in a Shia mosque in a Pakistan, Hurriyat Conference (G) chair¬man Syed Ali Geelani Saturday said the perpe¬trators of such heinous attacks were “open en¬emies of the Islam and humanity and deserve to be hanged.” “While appealing to the Paki¬stan government and its intelligence agencies to immediately find out these murderers, Gee¬lani sahib expressed his sympathy and condo¬lence with the bereaved families and said that the Kashmiri people are with them in this hour of grief,” Geelani was quot¬ed as saying by a spokes¬man of the amalgam.
“Although the foreign agencies are involved in spreading the sec¬tarian indifferences in Pakistan but takfeeri and Khurji type of ill-informed maulvis are also responsible. These maulvis are ignorant about the real teachings of Islam and they are preaching and propagat¬ing their own sects in¬stead of Islam,” he said.
“They harbour a very aggressive atti¬tude towards Muslims from other schools of thought,” he said.
Geelani said there were “reliable reports that Mossad and other agencies are using some Islamic scholars to fan sectarian differences among Muslims.”
“The Shia commu¬nity has played a very important role in the creation of Islamic Re¬public of Pakistan and are an important part of the Muslim Ummah,” he said.
“Any attack on Shias is an attack of the entire Ummah,” he said.
Geelani said “the im¬perialistic powers of the world are terrified if the unity among the Mus¬lims and have therefore hatched a conspiracy to divide the Muslims on sectarian lines.”