Profession in Crisis

Dear Editor

On January 25, I participated in a function in which the role of teachers was discussed. During the daylong function I came across various views on the role, responsibility and the failure of teachers in building the societal values.

The organisers had organised the programme with a purpose to search the causes of the downfall of a teacher`s status and the working measures to revive the lost glory of the profession. While the speakers pointed out different factors responsible for the decline in the noble profession, in the end it appeared that the major cause was the absence of sense of responsibility in the individual teacher. He has forgotten the demands of the teaching profession that is prophetic in nature for the Prophet (SAW) was sent as a teacher as said by the Prophet (SAW) himself.

It is indeed a great tragedy that the noblest profession of the world is today seen with contempt. The teacher is looked down upon. He is accused of caring more for money and luxury and little for reforming the lives of his students. The concern for coaching classes is dearer to him than his classes in the school.

The current episodes of suicide, crimes against women, drug abuse, indifference toward parents, disappearance of modesty, absence of human values, want of highest ideals, inability to rise above one`s interests within our generation speaks of the negligence on the part of our teachers. It is high time to revive and rejuvenate the lost status of the “builders of the nation”, so that the profession regains its respect in the eyes of society. Let our teachers realise that they are the role models for their students and the role model is the one whom we admire and aspire to be like, who inspires and encourages us to strive for greatness, shows us to live to our fullest potential and sees the best in us.

 Let us offer our moral and physical support to all those teachers who wish to bring the teaching profession back on the track of honour and achievement and see our society thriving on the path of progress and excellence.

Ashraf Amin