Frustrating power cuts turn South Kashmir teacher into innovator

Frustrating power cuts turn South Kashmir teacher into innovator


ANANTNAG: Annoyed by the shortage of electricity at his home, a teacher of Kashmiri in this south Kashmir district developed a ‘hydro-turbine’ and a ‘water -pump’ that run on water from shallow stream.
Barkat Nida, who teaches Kashmiri at degree college Khanabal here, first developed the turbine when absence of electricity became a regular feature at his home.
“I was always haunted by the power crisis faced by Kashmir despite being rich in water resources. So, I decided to come up with some unique invention that could generate electricity from the low-flowing waters which are otherwise of no use to our engineers and experts,” Nida told Kashmir Reader.
Little knowledge of science didn’t stop Nida from working on the ambitious project, but he didn’t proceed without seeking the experts’ advice.
“I did not hesitate to seek guidance from the people having good knowledge about hydroelectricity. I finally discussed it with a hydroelectric expert from Turkey to whom I was connected through online professional network, Linkedn. He provided me some relevant books, which helped me in the project,” Nida said.
After completion, the turbine was tested many a times on Martand canal near Jaybal Aishmuqam here, he said.
“Thank God the trial was always successful, as per my expectation,” he added.
The turbine, according to Nida, is unique in the way that it generates power without disturbing the environs.
“This technology does not need any dams or other modifications in the river for generating electricity. It is completely environment friendly,” he said. “The small amount of kinetic energy available in flowing water runs the turbine.”
Nida believes that electricity for entire Anantnag district can be generated just from Martand canal with his innovation, which has already earned him financers.
“Government of India’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Technology (DSIT) agreed to extend the financial and logistic support after I presented a demonstration of the turbine at GIAN cell of the Kashmir University. They have already sanctioned Rs 7, 00,000 and have even approved the design of the turbine,” he said.
While Nida’s innovation is pending for patent since last more than one and a half year he has come up another unique invention—the water pump that works without fuel, electricity, or physical activity.
“The water pump is unique and economical in the way that it does not require any electricity, fuel or human activity to run. It pumps the water with the help of kinetic energy available in flowing water,” Nida said.
During the trial run in a small stream, the device pumped water up to a height of 40 feet, he said
“This innovation can be used to supply water for irrigation or drinking purposes. With this technology, we can save crores of rupees that the government spends on supplying water o the people living on higher reaches,” Nida said, giving credit to his student, Khursheed Ahmad Itoo.
“For both the innovations, Itoo devoted all his time to my help. Not giving him credit will be unfair,” he said.

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