Action Against Deadwood: Officials asked to furnish APRs by Feb 3

SRINAGAR: With Governor N N Vohra seeking latest status report about the completion of Annual Performance Reports(APRs) by all gazetted officers by February 5, the government on Thursday asked Administrative Secretaries to furnish the details two days ahead of the deadline.
“(All the administrative secretaries are impressed) to review the position of the filing up of the APRs, as on March 31, 2014, in respect of all the officers, officials under their control,” reads a government order. The government has asked them to furnish the status report by or before February 3.
They have been asked to show names of the officers in respect of whom the APRs have been initiated, reviewed, accepted as also the names of the defaulting officers, “be it the officer himself who has failed to submit the Self Assessment Reports within time or the officer charged with the responsibility of recording his/their remarks in different capacities.”
The government has also asked the administrative secretaries to organize training sessions in which all the subordinate officers are imparted training to get acquainted with the procedure relating to the writing of the APRs.
They have been also asked to make all efforts for ensuring strict adherence of the prescribed timelines in respect of the completion of the APRs for the year 2014-15.
The government also invited the attention of all concerned to its order (No. 1311-GAD of 2001) of November 9, 2001, detailing the procedure for writing up, custody and maintenance of the APRs of all the gazetted officers.
The order, inter-alia, mentions that the Secretaries shall obtain statements from the Heads of the Departments on the prescribed proforma, showing names of officers in respect of whom the reports have been initiated/reviewed/accepted.
It is also mentioned that the process should be monitored from time to time so as to ensure that the APRs in respect of all the officers in a department are written, reviewed and accepted within the prescribed timelines.
As per the stipulated timelines, every officer, to be reported upon, has to record his self assessment for the preceding year and submit the same, by or before the 30th of April, to the
The order said that the “lackadaisical approach” exhibited regarding the non-filing of APRs has serious impediment in assessing the suitability of the officers for their promotion to the higher scales, making appropriate recommendations for premature retirements of the officers or officials with a view to weeding out the inefficient and corrupt officers or officials from the administration so as to promote the good governance and improve the public delivery system.
While considering the proposals of the different departments for promotion of the officers, the Departmental Promotion Committees have to compulsorily scrutinize the entries recorded in the APR dossiers of such officers falling in the consideration zone, the order said.