Paramedical students protest ‘discrimination’ in paper evaluation


Srinagar: Scores of paramedical students Wednesday held a protest against the alleged discrimination in evaluation of their examination papers.
The students belonging to various paramedical colleges including Tahira Khanam Nursing College, Mubarak Hospital, Skylark College, Modern hospital and others, said that their papers have not been evaluated “sincerely .”
“All the students of the Jammu division have been declared pass in the examination but Kashmiri students have been failed,” Irfan Ahmed, a student of 1st year told Kashmir Reader.”This is sheer injustice against us. We want our papers to be re-evaluated,” he added.
The students were carrying Xerox copies of the answer sheets and were questioning the evaluation process.”The answer sheets have not been checked properly and the marks awarded to certain questions are not satisfactory,” another student Humaira Ali said.
The protesting students said that the course was meant to be completed in 18 months , however, they have already spent 4 to 5 years at their respective colleges. “We do not know how many more years we have to waste for this degree,” she said.
When contacted Controller Examinations Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar , Dr Shabir Ahmed termed the protesting students as “incompetent.” “These students are incapable and do not take their studies seriously. When they are non-serious and can’t perform, they are destined to fail,” Shabir Ahmad told Kashmir Reader.
“The colleges where they study are also below standard and lack quality teachers. It compounds to their dismal results,” he added.