Faktoo cautions ulema, intellectuals against secularism

Srinagar: Muslim Deeni Mahaz chairman Mohammad Qasim Faktoo Monday said that instead of following Islam, the Kashmiri Ulema and intellectuals were following secularization.
This attitude, he said, was detrimental to the resistance movement in the Valley. “Secularization has led to the differentiation between worship and obedience. Muslim thought that they could please Allah and run after falsehood (Batil) at the same time,” he said.
“The biggest misfortune of Kashmiri Muslims is that the Ulema and the intellectual class, who could have saved the masses from this faulty differentiation, have themselves fallen into the trap of secularization,” he added.
He said that these Ulema and intellectuals on one hand declare that Islam was the complete way of life but on the other hand follow secularism in politics, socialism in economy and manmade judicial systems.
“What could be a bigger problem than this duplicity? In Quran only about 500 verses deal with Nimaz, fasting , Zakat and Hajj and in rest of the 6000 verses what has Allah ordered us to do?,” he said.
He added that until the idea of entering into the Islam completely was not spread among the masses here, “this differentiation of worship and obedience will destroy our resistance movement.”
“I request those ulema and intellectuals to sand up and make masses aware about this dangerous concept,” he added.