Don’t ignore HR abuses for commercial interests: Sikh group to Obama

Sikh group to Obama

Srinagar: Dal Khalsa, a Sikh body, Monday appealed to visiting US president Barack Obama to discuss Human Rights violation cases with the Indian government.
“We request Obama not to sideline human rights for commercial interests. Sidelining human rights and political rights for commercial interests is a major cause of concern not only for Sikhs but all nationalities that once banked upon the support of US,” Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said in a statement mailed to the Kashmir Reader from Amritsar.
He said that the party organized public rallies at various places with support from SAD (Panch Pardani) to protest against “constitutional wrongs, injustices and discrimination’s at Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Kot Isse Khan (Moga).”
The statement also said that the group also observed January 26 as “Black Republic day.
“Indian state claims to be a big democratic country in the world and celebrates 26 January as its republic day but its democratic claims are being badly exposed as it continuous to rob Punjab of its river waters by subverting the spirit of Constitution, denies democratic rights and distinct identity to Sikhs, imposes Hindu laws on Sikhs and suppresses legitimate struggle with militarily and police batons, bullets,” he added.
He said it was regrettable that the present constitution of India denies minorities their democratic rights including right to self-determination as recognized under International Law.
Meanwhile, the statement said that holding black flags and placards, a large number of activists of Sikh hardliner group demonstrated at Bhandari Bridge for two hours.