PDP- BJP alliance ‘historic opportunity’ to bridge Jammu-Kashmir divide: Baig

PDP- BJP alliance ‘historic opportunity’ to bridge Jammu-Kashmir divide: Baig

Moazum Mohammad

Jammu: Apparently trying to justify the PDP-BJP alliance, senior PDP leader and Member of Parliament Muzaffar Hussain Baig on Saturday said the tie-up was “historical opportunity” to bridge gulf between Kashmir and Jammu regions.
“There is need to bridge the gap between Kashmir and Jammu and its possible only by respecting the mandate of the people of both the regions. Its historical opportunity for us to bridge this gap by respecting the mandate,” Baig said while addressing Electoral College of the party here.
He said the PDP would ensure “political accession” of Jammu and Kashmir with India which has not taken place despite “constitutional accession” of 1947.
“The fractured verdict has provided us an opportunity to script history and make political accession possible. Till date, people of Jammu and Kashmir regions have never come together.
“It’s not that difficult for India and Pakistan to join hands but in case of Jammu and Kashmir, we have a huge ‘trust deficit’ between the people of the regions,” he said.
Baig, who was elected to Parliament from North Kashmir last year, said that if his party would achieved above 50 seats, PDP would have repeated the same and incorporated Sikhs, Dogras, Kashmiri Pandits, Ladakhi’s in the government.
“The current situation is different, they (BJP) have representation from Dogra’s and we can’t exclude it,” he added.

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