Keep your head high

Dear Editor
Indian Muslims are at crossroads these days politically. On one side the Hindutva brigade under the banner of BJP is crossing one milestone after another. While as on the other side those “secular” forces on whom Muslims had been relying are being defeated (nay devastated) by the BJP ‘tsunami’. Muslim organisations are in dilemma these days. They don’t know where to go from here now. The secular parties they supported exploited them to the hilt. While as their own political experiments have failed miserably. In the middle of all this, there is one man who is giving a tough time to BJP and its allies—Asaduddin Owaisi. Here is a man who instead of adopting an apologetic approach, is talking to them in the language they understand. Muslims in India now need to consolidate their vote on the basis of community consciousness, rather than the obsolete slogan of secularism. This pseudo slogan has served them no purpose. And will serve no purpose in future as well. All this can do is to make them fodder of these “sickular” forces. It is a high time for Indian Muslims to fight for their identity. It is time for them to stake claim on the basis of size and strength. It might all sound communal. But how does it matter. These are all terms with a relative meaning. They aren’t divine revelations. Rather they are tools which have been used to exploit Muslim sentiment.
Muslims must consolidate their position. They must fight for their political rights in a constitutional way. Rather than being represented by others they must choose leaders among themselves. They have to take lessons from other minority parties from elsewhere in the world. For long in India they have relied on others to speak for them. If they constitute 18 percent of Indian population they must also contribute same percentage in leadership.Time to leave behind this apologetic approach and walk with your head held high
Zahid Fayaz