After LPG, New Delhi intends to regularise subsidy on kerosene

SRINAGAR: After LPG, government of India is eyeing to regularise subsidy provided to consumers on Kerosene.
“Kerosene is used both as fuel and also in dark areas in India. But kerosene is also being misused in many areas. So, the next area we intend tackling is kerosene,” PTI quoted Finance Minister Arun Jaitley as saying Thursday during the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos.
About the LPG subsidy, Jaitley said: “As far as LPG is concerned, the first subsidy reform has started this month. From January 1, all subsidies with regards to cooking gas, now goes directly to bank accounts….Next stage, we have to carve out families who are not entitled….”
He said elimination of subsidies in India, a country where one-third of people are still living in poverty conditions, is not possible.
“It is not even desirable… But we have to rationalise our subsidies,” he said.
Jaitley expressed confidence that Insurance Bill will be passed in the Rajya Sabha because Congress is also in favour.
“If it is not approved, we will go for joint session of Parliament. If it is delayed beyond six months, we will go for joint session where we will have majority,” he said.