Police set up cell to study trends in crimes

Moazum Mohammad

Srinagar: The police have set up a Crime Monitoring Cell (CMC) that will enable it to study trends in crimes and accordingly frame commensurate policies to tackle them, while improving grassroots policing as well.
The need for the CMC arose after the police observed that police stations come across different cases and each case provides a new insight into methods used in the crime.
A centralised mechanism that could channelise these insights into an effective policy measure has been lacking so far. The CMC will fill the gap, said a police officer, wishing anonymity as he is not authorised to speak to the media.
“To some extent, such things were ignored as the police are engaged in so many activities including law and order,” he said.
The need for the CMC was felt due to an increase in the number of crimes, especially cyber crimes. According to Crime Branch data, 378 cases of rape were reported in 2013 alone and went unreported because the families of victims feared stigma associated with the crime. A total of 27,000 criminal cases were reported that year, 3007 in Srinagar alone.
While underscoring the reasons for setting up the CMC, a Police Headquarters communiqué said the police lacked a comprehensive system to monitor the frequency of the criminal cases and their subsequent investigation.
The CMC will have an exclusive mandate to monitor the crime registration, but it will not Crime Branch’s role.
According to the order announcing the formation of the CMC, district police chiefs have to ensure that copies of FIRs are dispatched on daily basis and update with the information about progress in investigations.