Blasphemous Cartoons: Malik calls for strike tomorrow

Srinagar: JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Wednesday called for complete shutdown on January to protest the publishing of blasphemous sketches in a French magazine.
According to a statement, Malik while addressing a rally at Basant Bagh said, “Our Prophet (SAW) is our pride and honour and dishonouring Prophets and elders is worst kind of terrorism.”
“The dignity of the Prophet (SAW) whose honor has been elevated by Allah the almighty himself and whose enemies have been promised of divine punishment cannot be undermined by some blasphemous sketches.
He extended support to the call for complete shutdown given Mutahiuda Ulema-e-Ahlisunnat Waljamat against publishing of blasphemous sketches and appealed people make the strike call a success.
Malik while speaking on the proposals of granting permanent citizenship to refugees from West Pakistan said that Kashmiris will defend the “special status of the state even at the cost of their lives.”
“The state subject law is not associated to Jammu Kashmir only. Many Indian hilly sates like Himachal Pradesh, Mizoram etc also have similar kind of laws to safeguard their ecology and environment,” he said.
“The religious fanatics in India portray this as something different and are hell bent upon destroying this special status of Jammu Kashmir for their pity political gains and extend the illegal occupation of the state.
He said that these were condemnable conspiracies “hatched at the behest of RSS and its allies.”
“We will fight these conspiracies united and will not allow anyone to play with our identity. We share the pain of refugees from West Pakistan but if Indian state, its parliament and political parties are concerned about these humans why don’t they settle them permanently in states of India like Punjab, Haryana, UP etc?” he questioned.