Paternity Suit

Coalition squabbles best exemplified by leaks from cabinet meetings have overtaken Jammu and Kashmir this political season even before a coalition has taken the state over for its drubbing at the hands of politicians in six- yearly instalments.  The perpetual feud can boast of at least one qualitative difference in the latest bout – while post-natal difficulties usually involved appointments of clerks and big babus, the pre-natal snag dogging the tribe today is about chief paternity. And this, with due credit to politicians’ ingenuity, is reported to have been suitably modified (pun intended), and can now be claimed on a rotational basis – a minor concession to the principle of permanence invariably governing such issues.

No, it is not without precedent. The most recent example, cited as its most glorious – and not without some reason – might have broken up in disputes deserving a genetic investigation for their origins, but purportedly had some matching tissue, even if one of the partners had a hard time facing innuendo on surrogate antecedents. Gleeful rejoinders of “the charges stand proven” notwithstanding, many would contend that conformable constitutions have a higher chance of survival in hostile and extreme conditions, opinion that experts on breeding may possibly contest, given some discouraging results in consanguineous conjugation.

Though it would take ordinary people some effort and research to determine beyond reasonable doubt, varying base material is thought to be conducive for hardy propagation, and could be prescribed in cases of successive debility – with the caveat that variations in the extreme degree were best left alone. Scientific terminology being uninspiring, and the proper word in English liable to be construed as slightly politically incorrect, recourse must perforce be taken of fiction, the realm to which the new J and K government belongs, to describe the project currently underway. The problem is that Frankenstein’s creature could make a moral case for itself. The one alleged to be on its way cannot.