Muslims had no role in Pandit migration: Khan

Srinagar: National Front chairman Nayeem Ahmad Khan Tuesday said that the Kashmiri Muslim population had nothing to do with the migration of Pandits from the state.
In a statement, Khan said, “Few migrant Pandits are hell bent upon maligning the Muslim population of the valley. Muslims had nothing to with the migration of Pandits,” he said.
He claimed that it was the then governor of J&K Jagmohan who forced Kashmiri Pandits to leave the valley.
“The organisations like Panun Kashmir claiming to be Pandit representatives are actually working on the behest of Indian agencies and the same kind of elements are responsible for the migration,” he said.
“Pandits have imposed self exile on themselves and it is the organisations like Panun Kashmir who are creating problems to their return, otherwise the whole population of Kashmir is ready to welcome their Pandit brethren,” he said.
He also paid tributes to people killed in Gaw Kadal massacre.