MGNREGA employees protest govt apathy

Srinagar: Scores of contractual employees engaged in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural (MGNREGA) scheme held a protest against government Tuesday here, accusing government of playing with the lives of its employees by not formulating any policy of Job security.
“Since past seven years many of us have been working under this scheme but till now government lacks a policy regarding us,” John Mohammad, president of MGNREGA Union said.
Protestors accused government of callous approach towards its employees and turning deaf ears to their demands. “Some of our counterparts have not received their salaries from past six months. How are we going to feed our families,” John asked.
“Employees who have been serving under this scheme from past seven years cannot search for new jobs, or do bussines. Some of us have stopped their education but the government’s apathy has made our lives hell,” protestors said while raising slogans against the government.
The protesting MGNREGA employees demanded that their salary should be hiked as the paid salary by no means helps them in providing their families. “How are we going to support our lives and families with a meager salary of 45,00 rupees. This is injustice with the employees who work tirelessly,” said the protesting contractual employees.
“If government does not heed to our woes, takes no action in securing our future and accepting our genuine demands we will be left with no option but to fight tooth and nail against this insensitive approach of the government,” protestors said.