Mahbooba sabotaged our return to Valley, say Kashmiri migrants

Mahbooba sabotaged our return to Valley, say Kashmiri migrants

Nayeem Rather

SRINAGAR: Accusing Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mahbooba Mufti of sabotaging the return of migrant Pandits, the All Parties Migrants Co-ordination Committee has sought a white paper on measures taken by the government of India and the Jammu Kashmir government to rehabilitate the migrants.
On the 25th anniversary of the exodus of the community on Monday, the AMPCC demanded a white paper on the migrants’ rehabilitation policy.
Ravinder Pandita, the co-ordinator of AMPCC, said that during an interaction with the Committee, Mahbooba had told them that the return of Pandits ‘will shall revive militancy’ in the valley. She also expressed her inability to provide security to the migrants on their return, he said.
Ravinder said the pro-Indian parties in India and Jammu Kashmir were not interested in return of the migrants. “They loot in our name. So far Rs 500 crore have been sanctioned for our rehabilitation. Where is the money? The money has gone to the pockets of mainstream politicians,” he said.
On the contrary, he said, Geelani Saheb has not only urged us to return but has promised security as well. “The AMPCC has no problem with Hurriyat Conference. The government is hampering our return,” he said.
Terming the rehabilitation policy of the government of India and the state government as a “mockery of justice”, Ravindra said that Pandit issue is only used to fuel communal tension. “It is bizarre. Our (Pandit) issue gets raised only at the time of elections and then all pro-Indian parties in the state forget us. Even the national political parties have used our cause to garner votes on communal lines and have done nothing for us,” he added.
Speaking on the occasion, general secretary AMPCC said, “We are not tourists, we want our homes back. If government does not pay heed to our demands, we will lose our land forever and we will be forgotten.”
AMPCC is one of the major organisations of the Kashmiri Pandits that is working for their rehabilitation. Last year, it was at the centre of a controversy by organising Kaunsar Nag Yatra.

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