The Alchemist encounters Kashmir folklore legends

The Alchemist encounters Kashmir folklore legends

Wasim Khalid

Srinagar: A 13-episode serial, Khwaab Kinaray, based on Paulo Coelho’s international bestseller, Alchemist, will be aired on Doordarshan’s Urdu channel from Tuesday.
Adapted by noted Kashmiri filmmaker Arshad Mushtaq, three episodes of the serial will be broadcasted in a week.
Arshad said his adaptation, set in the Kashmir of 1970s, weaves “into the barebones” of Paulo Coelho’s story through the characters of Kashmiri folklore legends across centuries.
“Habba Khatoon, the Maharaja, Paadar Sehh, Yachh Poot and others meet the main character from time to time, creating new twists and turns as the story progresses,” Arshad said.
“This is the story of Kashmir history over the centuries as well. The main character discovers the world through encounters with our folklore legends,” said Arshad, who is credited with directing the first digital Kashmiri film, Akh Daleel Lolech, a love story that blossoms amid the brutality of Dogra rule.
Arshad said that the inspiration to produce the serial came to him after he realised that Alchemist and Kashmiri Sufism were bound together by a common thread—spirituality.
“The main idea of the adaptation is that in today’s world it is important for one to realise one’s roots first. In the serial, the boy leaves his house in search of spirituality but returns to his place to attain it,” Arshad said.
“An individual should first understand his coming into this world; he should realise his own identity. The serial focuses on this aspect,” he said.

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