JAH condemns blasphemous sketches

Srinagar: Jamiat Ahle Hadith (JAH) president Ghulam Mohammad Bhat Sunday condemned the publication of blasphemous cartoons in a French magazine.
In a statement, Bhat said, “No one can undermine the honour of our beloved Prophet (SAW). We can sacrifice our lives for the honour of the Prophet (SAW).”
Bhat asked France and other western countries to stop publishing such blasphemous sketches. “Such provocative acts are harmful to the peace and prosperity of whole world,” he added.
He said that these countries have “crossed every limit of double speak and hypocrisy by keeping silent or even defending these blasphemous sketches against Islam.”
He said that Islam is the religion of peace and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) a mercy to whole world. “The world should come out of its slumber and condemn and stop such blasphemous acts,” he added.