BJP’s Imagined Rights

The prospect of corporate gain may have made a salivating world forget, but many in India are sure to remember what the BJP and its sangh affiliates think of the concept of “rights” when applied in constitutional terms, constitutionality, for the brigade, being only a minor impediment in satiating its synthesized grudge against history. There is little scope for surprise, therefore, that in keeping with its record of exploiting sentiments with lies and fallacies, the right-wing party has begun to flag the “rights” of refugees from West Pakistan afresh to maintain its hold on a constituency it fears may sooner or later see through its tactics.

The party need not strain itself with over-exertion, for its credentials in taking nearly half-a-billion human beings for a ride are irrefutably proven in the eyes of global capital badly in need of cheap labour and a vast scrap-market for obsolete technology, not to speak of filling the arms industry’s coffers. Its standing as sub-contractors in promoting questionable modes of ‘growth and development’ is unlikely to be enhanced by strong-arming on issues required to be addressed strictly according to rules.

When accusing people of one region in Jammu and Kashmir of labelling those in the other as communal, the party must be confusing itself with the masses it claims to speak for, a trait not unusual in individuals and groups engaged in delusional projects of national,(and yes, religious) aggrandisement.  An intellectual with professor prefixed to his name would otherwise not have forgotten to cross-check facts before manufacturing yet another discrimination myth in comparing the party’s WPR demand with some imagined “rights” Tibetan “Muslim” Refugees are supposed to have.