SKCS deplores publishing of blasphemous cartoons

Anantnag: South Kashmir Civil Society SKCS Thursday condemned the publishing of blasphemous caricatures in the French Tabliod, Charlie Hebdo.
In a statement, SKCS urged the United Nations (UN) to stop such caricatures from being published.
“Since, Islam is the religion of peace with inclusive approach outrightly rejecting the mindset of otherness, it is Prophet of Allah (peace be upon-him) who made the first possible, the written document in human history about peaceful coexistence through an agreement commonly called as Declaration of Madina in 622 A.D,” the statement said.
The statement said SKCS respects the freedom of expression but European countries must know the limits associated with it. “The freedom must not hurt the religious faith of a vast community. Publishing of blasphemous caricatures seems to be a deliberate attempt to play with the sentiments of Muslims and to fuel violence,” SKCS spokesperson said, adding that no Muslim could tolerate blasphemy and society as such urges upon Muslim countries to raise this issue on every international forum.