CUK has no permanent campus

Dear Editor

Despite more than five years Central University-Kashmir is still functioning from rented buildings. I ask the administration, what is the reason for not starting the construction work on the proposed land for CUK at Ganderbal. If the university was established in 2009, why is it still without a permanent campus? Why has it taken so long for the concerned authorities to establish the permanent campus of this University? The funds have never been the problem and considering that the it is a central university official hurdles are also not a problem.

The University is facing accommodation crunch as the temporary arrangements aren’t enough. Every year increasing number of students apply for various CUK programmes. The university cannot deny them the admission but then the question is where will they sit? Where are the classrooms?  The constant moving of campus from one place to another place is making it difficult for students to settle at one permanent place. The moving of CUK campus from place to place gives a feel of nomadic life. We were told that there were some issues with the local people and they were creating hurdles for its construction. If there were issues why weren’t they solved in time? Why has administration failed to solve issues of the University so far? Some people are apprehensive that like Islamic University that was scheduled to come up in the Ganderbal district and was subsequently moved to Awantipora by the PDP-Congress coalition same will happen to CUK. I don’t know how far it is correct. My only concern is that there should be a permanent campus for the students so that we don’t have to move from one place to another place on annual basis.

I, as a student, want the CUK to start functioning from its own place. I request the concerned authorities to please look into the matter and start the construction work of the University on fast track basis.

Dawood Nabi