WPRs proposals

WPRs proposals

‘There is no lesser evil among pro-India politicians; they can sacrifice entire Kashmiri nation for the chair’

Srinagar: In one of the sharpest attacks on pro-India parties, the Hurriyat Conference (G) said on Monday that these parties “do politics” on issues such as Article 370, self-rule and autonomy, but in reality they “are responsible for the slavery of Kashmiris and for eroding the special status of the state”.
The resistance conglomerate sharpened its attack on pro-India parties in the wake of a controversy ignited by a parliamentary panel that suggested West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs) living in the state for the past 66 years shall be given voting rights in the assembly elections and declared permanent residents of the state.
“For the sake of power and other benefits they never seriously struggled to achieve these goals. Had they been serious about restoring the special status of the state, they could together pass a bill in the Assembly. But they have reduced these issues to slogans to nourish their electoral politics,” the Hurriyat said.
The strongly-worded statement said, “Kashmiris are not able to unite on a single platform because of these parties and India takes advantage of the division to perpetuate its rule. There is no difference between various pro-India politicians. There is no lesser evil among them.”
“For pro-India politicians, the chair is the beginning and the end. To achieve it they don’t need principles. Rather, they can sacrifice the entire Kashmiri nation for the chair,” it added.
The Hurriyat (G) said PDP, NC and other regional pro-India parties have “served as a bridge for Indian occupation” of the state and “their existence and their power politics” have been the “biggest hurdle in our freedom struggle”.
It singled out PDP for the strongest criticism on the issue of WPRs, accusing it of adopting a “cunningly ambiguous” stand.
“While the communal government in power in New Delhi plans to change the state’s demography, the local pro-India parties have adopted a lame stand rather than resisting the move,” a Hurriyat (G) spokesman said.
“PDP’s statement on the issue clearly shows that it is desisting from taking a decisive stand. Instead, it is advising Delhi government not to act in haste as any hasty decision can have serious repercussions,” it said.
While PDP said it will resist any move aimed at changing the demography of the state, National Conference had said the recommendations were a conspiracy targeting the Muslim-majority character of the state.
The Hurriyat (G) reiterated that attempts to implement the parliamentary panel’s recommendations would be resisted in every manner and “even the children will stand up to counter it”.

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