PPP for hartal in Lal Chowk on Jan 21

Srinagar: People’s Political Party (PPP) chairman Hilal Ahmad War on Sunday called for a shutdown in Lal Chowk and adjoining areas on January 21 to commemorate the 24th anniversary of Gaw Kadal massacre.
In a statement, War called for a complete strike in the areas including Gaw Kadal, Maisuma, Lal Chowk, Budshah Chowk, Court Road, Ghoni Khan, Saraibala, Red Cross Road , Abi Guzar, Polo View, Residency Road, Regal Chowk, M.A. Road, Hari Singh High Street and other adjoining areas.
He said the shutdown will be held to pay tributes to the 52 innocent civilians killed on that day in 1990. He urged the international human rights organisation to set up an independent tribunal to probe the Gaw Kadal massacre.