Digital weighing goes a scale upRetailers, vendors replacing traditional beam scales

Digital weighing goes a scale upRetailers, vendors replacing traditional beam scales

Arabia Altaf Hamdani

SRINAGAR: Digitization is changing the age old practice of weighing though beam scale with local vendors and major retail outlets now switching over to digital weighing machines. These machines according to users are more accurate and less cumbersome to operate.The dealers of these machines say that apart from their accuracy, these electronic ones have the capacity to calculate from very miniscule weights to very higher ones.Sheikh Arshid, an authorized digital scale dealer at Srinagar told Kashmir Reader that new machines are easy to operate and some have an inbuilt system to give printed receipts and have a memory of recording what is being weighed.“In old beam sales trades had to ensuring having an assortment of different weights lying with them that had to be certified by the authorities after  every two years,” said Arshid adding that for this machine you only need a faithful power supply. For a vegetable hawker Nazir Ahmad Malla the use has not only changed the way customers look at his dealings, but thay  according to him feel satisfied. “The customers felt that they got cheated in older balances in use, but here they get an accurate measure that is displayed clearly on the scale,” he said.Arshid said that sales of these digitalized scales have increase significantly  over the few years with their company selling only a few units in a month, that now has increased to thousands in a year. “The machines are certified by the company and the local  Legal Metrology Departments and any errors in these machines can be rectified locally as the authorized dealer do have the requisite license of calibrating them to requisite accuracy,” he said.Adding that there is no means to tamper with the scale as the new machines are sealed in tamper proof casing and they occupy.M Maqbool Wani a retailer told Kashmir reader that traditional scales need a secure anchor to be hanged with weights and other accessories occupying a lot of space in your shop.However,the new machines need a few square feet of space, with they also coming in different price ranges.The price according to dealers can go from a pocket size precision jeweler machine that sells for few thousand to heavy duty digital scales that come in lakhs.

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