‘Send Pak refugees to their country of origin’

Srinagar: J & K RTI Movement Friday termed the Government of India’s proposed move to settle refugees from West Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir as a “plot to damage the state’s demography.”
In a statement, a spokesman warned the authorities of dire consequences if such “anti-Kashmir move was made.” “This is no less than a disaster for the people of Kashmir via its wicked designs RSS wants to achieve in J & K,” he said.
“They have been looking for the ways and means to damage the state demography since 1947 and now issuing permanent resident certificates to West Pakistan refugees is another such move,” he added.
The spokesman said that the West Pakistan refugees were never residents of J&K and there was no legal or constitutional obligation to provide them with PRCs. “ The best way to address the issue is to send these refugees back to their country of origin,” the spokesman said.
“This grave situation calls on the leadership and civil society of Kashmir for display of unity and wisdom to thwart the nefarious designs of Sangh Parivar,” he added.
The spokesman said that the organization was keenly monitoring the situation. “We will come up with its stand on the issue and will oppose any settlement programmes strongly,” he added.