People also responsible, say PDP legislators


SRINAGAR: Even as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) blamed the National Conference for pushing the state towards Governor’s rule, some party legislators held voters responsible for the situation.
“Had the people given clear mandate to PDP the situation of the governor’s rule would not have arisen,” PDP MLA from Tral, Mushtaq Ahmad Shah told Kashmir Reader.
PDP MLA from Kokernag, Abdul Rahim Rather said, “It was unfortunate that people did not give a clear mandate to our party which resulted in such a chaotic situation”.
He however, hoped that there would be some consensus over the government formation very soon. “Same was the situation in 2002 but later there was consensus between the two parties and government was formed. People have not voted for governors rule but for change,” Rather said.
Another party legislator, Abdul Majid Paddar, who defeated NCs Sakina Itoo from Noorabad, blamed Omar Abdullah for inviting governor’s rule adding that ‘people too are responsible for the situation to some extent’.
“Omar Abdullah invited the governor to rule the state by stepping down as care taker. But people to some extent are also responsible for the situation as they did not give clear mandate to PDP,” Paddar told Kashmir Reader.

One Response to "People also responsible, say PDP legislators"

  1. jameel   January 10, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    Shun this irresponsible statements. People voted you against BJP-RSS-VHP Sangparewars agenda, Like you MLs get benefit due to disunity in Kashmir. If y have love with Kashmir and common people of Kashmir so make govt with NC or Congress and independents while they are ready to support so whey you like minded in PDP want to impose Delhi rule and rule of communal forces who will storm all in Kashmir .Who’s objectives and designs are against Kashmir and its identity. People of Kashmir will never support these elements, Recently i read an article as your on MP is behind this and Mufti Sahab has personal views against NC and Congress , If we love Kashmir and respect our sufi saints so we should shun interests and unite make local govt. People support y