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Srinagar: Accusing the Government of India of denying basic amenities to Kashmiris, Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Friday appealed Pakistan to supply cooking gas and Kerosene oil to the Valley.
He was reacting to the decision of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural to cut the already deficit kerosene quota from 48.48 lakh litres to 30 lakh litres per month.
Addressing a Friday gathering at the Jamia Masjid, Mirwiaz said that the BJP has resorted to “revenge politics” by creating shortage of basic amenities.
“BJP is on a mission to starve the valley of basic amenities by creating shortage of cooking gas, kerosene and deficient power supply. We appeal the government of Pakistan to supply us cooking gas and kerosene which are the most important commodities to people in this harsh winter,” Mirwaiz said.
He said that Pakistan has rich resources in gas and oil. “Ease the restrictions so that they will come to help the valley,” he demanded.
“The policy of vengeance is evident as the valley is reeling under darkness, kerosene dealers are on roads in valley and some are protesting in New Delhi,” said Mirwaiz.
He said that BJP was actually working on an agenda set by the previous regimes. “The policy to starve us has been formulated in 1947 and now BJP has embarked upon the same. If they do not want to supply the essential commodities here then they should lift the restriction across the LoC so that Pakistan helps us,” he said.
Mirwaiz also castigated the Power Development Department (PDD) for the erratic power supply in the Valley. “PDD has been campaigning through media outlets asking people not to use electric heating system to save the electricity. How are people going to survive in the dipping temperature and chilling cold? We can’t use power; kerosene isn’t supplied as per demand. What are we supposed to do then? Do they want to kill us,” he added.
Taking a dig at the pro-India parties, Mirwaiz said that these parties have failed to take care of the day –to- day problems of the people. “ They were pleading for votes claiming that they will take care of the day-t-day requirements of the people here, however, they can’t even stand up to their statements,” he said.
“Have they solved any day- to-day problems of Kashmiris. Rather they want Kashmir to crave for everything,” Mirwaiz said
The state governments and the GoI are insensitive about the problems faced by the people of Kashmir, he added.

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