Why NC lost?

Dear Editor
The voters of the state have given edge to Peoples Democratic Party while National Conference has been given time to go for a reformation. For political survival NC has to do a lot of homework with realistic approach if it wants to be a force in the next state Assembly elections.
 For most part after 1947 NC ruled the state but has been unable to maintain its grip since 2002. The anger against the NC was quite palpable and it was no surprise when it suffered a drubbing both in the Parliamentary elections and in state Assembly elections as well.   Why NC suffered such a defeat is not hard to fathom. For the past six years the party behaved arrogantly and paid scant regard to the public sentiment. The party was responsible for the killing of 120 youths in 2010. The party showed no remorse on such gruesome killings. The same party was in power when Afzal Guru was hanged. Then it discarded the development plank as well. Institutional corruption during their rule  reached to a nadir. The common people were feeling threatened.  There seemed no justice system in place. The ineptness of the CM came to the foreground when a cabinet minister refused to submit his resignation to him and instead send it to his party president in New Delhi. There were allegations of NC leaders acquiring huge wealth. The Srinagar city which given them decisive mandate in 2008 was reduced to slum. In such a scenario it should be considered a huge bonus that NC secured 15 seats.
Mohammad Farooq Wani