Maikay say aagay jehan aur bhi hain

On Saturday evening Sheru found his married friend in bad shape. His wife had left for maika after relieving him of a handful of hair. The problem started when Sheru’s friend returned home in the evening. Instead of welcoming him with a smile and a cup of tea, she shouted at him, “There is some snag in the transformer.  Get an electrician to set it right immediately. I have to watch my favourite serial on Zee Zindagi.”

The tired husband wanted some moments of respite but the wife almost pounced on him when he tried to make himself comfortable in a corner.  He had to leave to hunt for the electrician.  But as ill luck would have it, the electrician refused to accompany him at that moment. “I will come in the morning,” he said.  Sheru’s poor friend had to return only to be scolded by his wife.
There seemed no end to the tou tou main main. It continued. Finally Sheru’s persecuted friend opened his motor mouth and the wife watched amid shock and utter disbelief.  He had never behaved like this before.  She was scared but followed her mom’s advise who had directed her not to give in while fighting the husband or the in-laws.  But unfortunately her mom’s counsel did not work this time. “I am leaving for maika,” she warned. Instead of hearing the usual words like “sorry”, “I will not do it again,” the husband opened the door for her. Now she had to leave.  Staying back would have been an act ofbaigairti.  She left and took the kids along.
In the evening he made a sumptuous dinner but missed the kids. At that moment he had no feeling for the wife and made no bones about it. He narrated the entire story to Sheru who felt sorry for the couple.  “Maikay say aagay jehan aur bhi hain, abhi shaadi kay imtihaan aur bhi hain,” Sheru’s friend turned a poet.
The war between the couples is on for the time being. No party is ready to surrender.  But Sheru’s knows what is in store for them.  The wife will wait for a couple of days. By this time her husband must contact her. This is what Sheru wishes as well. But in case he shows some resistance this time, the wife will send the kids to him. The kids will  melt  the annoyed  papa. Sheru’s friend is right. Shadi kay imtihaan aur bhi hain.