‘India can’t mislead world over Kashmir for long’

SRINAGAR: Senior leader of Hurriyat Con¬ference Jammu and Kashmir (HCJK) and the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Demo¬cratic Freedom Party, Shabbir Ahmad Shah has said that In¬dia cannot mislead the world about the Kashmir dispute for long and it will have to settle it sooner or later.
Shabbir Ahmad Shah ad¬dressing a meeting of his party in Srinagar said that the United Nations resolutions provided a strong basis for the settlement of the dispute, which remained unresolved for the past several decades due to the stubborn at¬titude of India.
He said Kashmir stands on top of United Nations agenda and the resolutions passed by the World Body for its settle¬ment have been signed by all the world nations including the prime parties – India and Pakistan. “It is India which reneged from its promises and exhibits obdurate attitude with regards to resolving the lingering dispute.”
Stressing upon the United Nations to fulfill its responsi¬bility by providing justice to oppressed nations of the world including Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya and other nations, Shabbir Shah said that all the oppressed and subjugated na¬tions had pinned their good hopes on this institution that it may provide justice to them.
He said that Kashmir was never a part of India but it an¬nexed the territory through military invasion soon at the partition of the sub-continent in 1947. “Since then India has been violating our basic rights under the arrogance of power,” he added.
Commenting on Pak- India dialogue process, Shabbir Shah said that the people of Kashmir were not against the talks to resolve the Kashmir dispute but sidelining the basic party to the dispute i.e. Kashmiris was unacceptable and without their participation the dispute could not be resolved.