Vox-Populi: Power woes

Vox-Populi: Power woes

From unscheduled power cuts to arbitrary increase in electricity tariff, many Kashmiris say they are always at the receiving end of an indifferent Power Development Department (PDD). And the problems have compounded in the aftermath of the September deluge.

Here is what some of the people who spoke to Kashmir Reader had to say

After the floods, there has been a sudden and inexplicable rise in the power tariff. The hike is arbitrary, to say the least. As most of the population in the City was submerged, one had thought the PDD might revise tariffs so that people don’t suffer further. To no avail, though. The least PDD could have done was to wait till the spring to announce new tariffs. But it seems they only know how to add to people’s woes.

Mohammad Shafat Shah

Dua Pharmacy, Batamaloo, Srinagar

I fail to understand why the PDD doesn’t to stick to its own power cut schedule. We don’t get electricity for even 10 hours, and our area is fully metered. This unscheduled load shedding has become a major headache as we suffer a lot in these winters. The worst suffers are obviously elderly persons and children.

Abdul Rashid Dendroo

Qamarwari, Srinagar

Our locality transformer developed some technical snag due to the floods after which the PDD took it for repairs. Since then, the transformer is yet to be reinstalled.  Despite knowing that our area was among the worst hit in the floods, the PDD lend a deaf ear to our pleas. Every time we visit them, they fabricate new stories. And recently, they demanded money from us, saying that it won’t be repaired until we grease their palms.

I appeal the higher authorities to please look into the matter as we are going through very difficult times and the winter is getting from bad to worse.

Samir Ahmad

Mehjoor Nagar, Srinagar

The onus also lies on the consumers. We must also share our responsibility and not always blame the PDD for the power woes. We have to use electricity judiciously. The department should also provide interrupted power supply, particularly in the winters. I don’t consumer much power at my shop, but the situation at home is not good.  The PDD doesn’t follow its schedule. Whenever we complain about unscheduled power cuts the department comes up with excuses like ‘we don’t get adequate electricity supply from the northern grid’.

Showkat Ahmad

Batamaloo, Srinagar

The situation is grim, and the PDD is making the lives of people hellish due to recurrent and unscheduled power cuts. On the other hand, they go on revising the tariff every six months. What do they want us to do? Do they want us to commit suicide?

Sofi Naseer

Zampa Kadal, Srinagar